Jerky Legion came to me looking for a short logo animation to help promote their launch. I was provided with their logo and it’s colour scheme and was left with total creative control over the project. Before starting I took a look at their social media branding to get an idea of what their current design theme is like. From looking at their twitter I found they have had a rustic/western theme in their banner. I kept this theme in mind when creating storyboards.
With my idea I wanted to highlight the bull in their logo and try give it a bit of character while also making something epic for their audience.
Once this was completed I then began gathering elements that I wanted to use in the animation. I found the same wood image that had been used in their twitter banner along with some smoke stock footage and textures.
Once I had all this I was ready to begin and started by separating every layer in the logos Illustrator file so that I would have full control over the animation. I then brought this into After Effects and started to animate. I started by creating the three strokes in the beginning of the animation using the colour scheme to select the main 3 colours in the logo. I also wanted these to have a rough rustic look and used roughen edges to achieve this.
I then animated the bull part of the logo and the background separately and would later composite these together. I went for a simple scale up animation on the back part of the logo but offset each layer to give more of a spring in the animation. I also then animated the text outwards into position again offsetting each letter in the animation. In the build up I also used particle effects on the impacts to make the animation more interesting and stick with the rustic/western theme.
I then moved onto to animating the bull part of the logo. I wanted to highlight this part of the logo so I made it 3D by duplicating the image and moving each one back in 3D space, I then added a gradient to these duplicates to create the illusion of it having some shading. I then animated this and added a shine as it comes closer to the camera. I also wanted to give the logo some character so I added some dust particles to the nose to make it look like the bull is breathing heavily. I also animated the eye and nose parts of the logo to shake as it lands back in the centre.
I then finished everything up by adding some final effects like some particle effects, a burst of smoke as the logo slams down and also some animated strokes in a circular motion behind the logo to highlight in the end.
I had a lot of fun working on this project and was able to create a professional looking logo animation with a speedy turnover time.